Production Design

I have done work in Dance, Theater, and Music productions. I am available for both design work and technical work on costuming and other creative aspects of these types of projects. I can do costumes, wigs, bodyainting, some makeup, and consultation for any event. I always do extensive research and attend at least one rehearsal. I also often act as Wardrobe Supervisor on the days of performances. Please contact me for pricing, scheduling, etc.


Bodypainting and Makeup

I have done bodypainting and themed makeup for Dance groups as well as personal projects. Me recent projects have focused on anatomy and psychology. I’ve also done work with 3D things like feathers, rhinestones, etc. Contact me for your show, event, photoshoot, or other bodypainting needs.


Personal Use and Alterations

I have had the technical training to fit, repair, alter, paint, dye, or embellish any items you already own as well as design and construct custom items. Contact me for a unique Halloween costume, a dress you’ve always imagined, or a better fit your favorite garment.