HaleyAbout2I am going to start my fourth year double majoring at the California Institute of the Arts in Costume Design and Fine Art in the fall. I graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy in 2008 where I also studied Visual Arts and Costume Design.

I have held positions in Costuming, Stage Management, Direction, Makeup, Wigs, Wardrobe, and Lighting in Theater, Dance, Music, and Interdisciplinary productions.I have also been hired for personal alterations and custom garments or makeup and my skills include drafting, patterning, dyeing, painting, embellishing, garment construction, makeup, wig styling, bodypainting, and more. I often have a hard time defining my role in the projects I work on because I believe it’s not only my job to construct a costume or attach a wig, but to ensure that the people wearing my items have what they need to do their job as well. My connection with the projects I take on goes well beyond the designing or construction of an object, and I take a personal interest in the well-being of any project I’m involved in.

I studied Cecchetti Ballet for 14 years as well as jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, and other forms of dance. And have a great enthusiasm for dance and the value of the human body.

I have participated in numerous Fine Arts exhibitions and have been commissioned for my paintings. I specialize in contour line techniques in my paintings and drawings.

Download my 2012 Resume: Click Here